Mettler Toledo Jag & JagXtreme Terminal Trade-In Promotion

IND 570 and IND780

The Mettler Toledo Jag/JagXtreme was launched in 1994.  It was a revolutionary equipment platform in the scale and process control world.  We have now gone beyond the time frame for support and service parts.  Serviceability for these units, moving forward, cannot be guaranteed.  Many of these terminals still hold a critical place in many plants, thereby not allowing for any downtime with unit failures.

Consider a pro-active plan to update your scales that are currently using Jags.   Depending upon the application, the new generation terminals are the METTLER TOLEDO IND570 and IND780 weighing terminals.  Making the change pro-actively will help minimize costly downtime and disruption to any facility operations.

We can visit your facility for an analysis of your existing units and how best to put together a replacement strategy (available for locations within our authorized territory).  Please contact us today for more details at 1-800-589-2211.