Instrument & Scale Calibration Services Near You:

Serving Indiana, Ohio & Michigan

From scale calibration to electrical calibrations to torque calibrations, Antibus is a premier provider of calibration services. 

We specialize in fast turnaround, trained technicians, expert technologies, and accredited labs. Antibus Scales & Barcode Systems has three ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited lab locations.

As a premier provider of Mettler Toledo scales, we are experts in Mettler Toledo calibration services.

See the complete list of services and accreditations in our brochure.


17025 Environmentally Controlled Lab
Quick Turnaround (3 to 5 business days)
All types of measuring gauges and tools

Electrical Calibration Services

Calibration in production environment
Calibration of meters and probes
Flexible Scheduling
Welding Equipment & Other Devices


At Antibus, our technicians are experience experts for Force Measurement Calibration.  We can test up to 100,000 ft/lbs at our lab and 10,000 ft/lbs Compression on-site.  Tension tests range from 5K to 10K on-site.


ANTIBUS SCALES has added a new HEAVY CAPACITY PRESS to better serve our customers. 

Mass Weight Calibration Services

Scales of all types.

Test Weights:

Class F (lb & Kg)
20 to 1000 lb
10 to 25 Kg

Pressure Calibrations

We perform services in our lab and On-Site for Compound Gauges and Process up to 10,000 psi.  We also test Vacuum Gauges and Pressure Gauges.


Our New State of the Art Testing Chamber for Temperature and Humidity Surveys of Probes, Controllers and Thermal Couples.

On Site Calibration Services – Temperature Surveys, Ovens, Freezer Probes and Thermal Comparisons.

Torque Calibration Services

Our Calibration Lab has Modern Test Equipment and we use Traceable Standards.
ISO/IEC 17025 torque calibration from 0-2,000 ft/lb.

For wrenches, screwdrivers, testers & more
Dynamic & Static Test
4-in-1 Load Cell Tester
Torque Screwdrivers


ANTIBUS CALIBRATION SERVICES is the One Stop Shop for all of your calibration needs. Our turnaround time can’t be beat!

We provide quality documentation via our Asset Management and Calibration Software powered by INDYSOFT. Set up your sign in for “My Certs” today.

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