Barcode Products & Systems

Antibus Scales and Barcode Systems has provided barcode scanners and software solutions to customers in the Midwest and across the country for more than 25 years. With our in-depth knowledge of warehouse and distribution center processes, we can provide the tools to keep your operations efficient and optimized.

In a world where consumer demand is steeply rising, it is crucial for warehouses to become more agile and mobile. Without the right technology tools in place, a warehouse’s operations will suffer from inefficiency and downtime. Now more than ever, your barcode equipment must be able to deliver the required output in order to keep production moving under any circumstance.

Luckily, Antibus has paired with multiple companies to offer warehouses the tools to help them succeed. Companies like Zebra, Honeywell, Powerscan and ProGlove – industry leaders in barcode products & systems. From barcode scanners and mobile devices to software solutions and labels, Antibus understands the needs of the modern warehouse and that every second counts. Should you run into any issues, our service plans will help keep your operations up and running.

Zebra Barcode Products

Antibus is a proud distributor of Zebra barcode systems and products.

Zebra provides some of the top innovations in barcoding and inventory management. We offer a wide variety of Zebra devices, from printers to scanners to handheld computers to RFID portals. Zebra’s products are designed to work with businesses of all sizes.


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