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ProGlove MARK 2 Wearable Scanner

Mark 2

Lightweight, rugged, and ergonomic – MARK 2 can help users across the entire supply chain save up 4 seconds per scan.

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ProGlove Mark 3 Wearable Scanner

Mark 3

The MARK 3 multi range scanner is the fastest, lightest, most versatile option to optimize hands-free scanning operations.

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ProGlove MARK Display Wearable Scanner

Mark Display

MARK Display is the lightweight, ergonomic wearable scanner that presents crucial information where and when your workers need it most.

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ProGlove Gateway for Effortless Connectivity

ProGlove Gateway

The ProGlove Gateway integrates the ProGlove scanners into your shop floor system. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), the two-way communication between scanner and Gateway enables features beyond scanning data.

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ProGlove LEO Wearable Scanner

ProGlove Leo

LEO introduces the benefits of wearable scanning to all your operations. Enterprise ready, it’s perfect for rolling out quick, long lasting ROIs across your warehouses and eCommerce operations.

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Wearables for ProGlove Scanners


ProGlove’s wearables set the standard for the future of barcode scanning. Their patented technology provides unparalleled comfort and full dexterity for faster scanning.

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