Wearables for ProGlove ScannersProGlove’s wearables set the standard for the future of barcode scanning. Their patented technology provides unparalleled comfort and full dexterity for faster scanning.


The Index Trigger is the wearable that enables total hands-free scanning in diverse industry workspaces. Workers can comfortably perform their jobs with agility, accuracy, and less process interruptions. Available in three sizes for right- and left-handed workers.


The Hand Strap is ProGlove’s one size fits all wearable. Made with lightweight and breathable materials it’s perfect for all day use in high frequency scanning operations like logistics and assembly.


The Reel is a retractable scan option that’s ready at-your-fingertips. It’s an ideal option for low scan for low scan volume environments in assembly plants or retail operations. Worn on a clip or lanyard, the button-press-scan function triggers MARK or LEO.