Antibus Scales & Systems offers 17025 accredited calibration services for Mettler Toledo Scales and industrial measurement systems. We calibrate industrial scales, as well as systems for force measurement, temperature, electrical, pressure and more. Our facilities are equipped to handle your force-related needs, whether it is a tension, compression, destruction, or non-destruction type application. 

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Force Measurement Calibration

Force Measurement

Traceable Standards
Most capacities with 90K lb. Press in lab
Destructive Testing Equipment


Temperature Calibration


On-Site and Depot Service
Temp. uniformity of ovens
Source measurement of controllers
Thermal Couple comparison

Torque Testing & Calibration


Traceable Standards
ISO/IEC 17025 torque calibration from 0-2,000
Dynamic & Static Test
4-in-1 Load Cell Tester

Dimensional Calibration


Controlled Lab
Quick Turnaround
All types of measuring gauges and tools
Application Support

Humidity Testing


Temperature Chamber
On-Site Services
Intrinsic standards for humidity

Mass Calibration


Class F (lb & Kg)
20 to 1000 lb
10 to 25 Kg

Electrical Testing & Calibration


Calibration in production environment
Calibration of meters and probes
Flexible Scheduling
Welding Equipment & Other Devices

Pressure Calibration


Pressure gauge, process to 10,000 psi
Pressure Transducers
Vacuum gauge process & test