Package, Postal & Shipping Scales For Sale – Mettler Toledo Scales



Mettler Toledo’s Postal and Shipping Scales are optimized for high accuracy, functional durability, simplicity, and communication/configuration. Top-of-the-line scales for weighing packages and parcels.

Multi-range capacity load cells provide the high-resolution to weigh envelopes and the capacity to weigh heavy packages

Mettler’s BC Scales have all-metal frames and heavy-duty overload protection. Each scale is tested and can withstand overloads of 500%, of rated capacity, without compromising its performance.

Simplified Installation, Configuration, and Operation:
Mettler’s start-up wizard helps with initial installation.
BC Scales can be configured for multiple display types, special capacity, and display branding.
Other features include: remote update for scale software, better cable management, large platters, and different applications modes.

Versatile Communication Options Include:
Serial RS-232, USB HIDPOS, Virtual Serial, Keyboard Wedge, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

Digital Package & Shipping Scales

Mettler Toledo Shipping Scales for Durability

Antibus is a proud distributor of Mettler Toledo scales systems.

Shipping parcels in mass quantities is a process that requires tough equipment. Mettler Toledo shipping scales provide durability and heavy-duty overload protection.

Accuracy for Packages and Mail

Featuring both analog or digital load cells in multi-range capacities, BC Postal & Shipping Scales allow for high-resolution precision in handling envelopes and packages. With its multi-range capabilities, a singular BC scale can efficiently manage all your mail and shipping requirements. Global approvals guarantee the suitability of these scales for applications that demand high accuracy.