IND570xxThe IND500x thoughtfully blends intrinsically safe construction with a user-friendly interface and flexible connectivity options to accelerate your processes, increase productivity and improve product quality.



The IND500x is designed for Zone 1/21 and Division 1 classified areas.  The intrinsically safe IND500x indicator delivers process control and versatility to enable the perfect balance of safety and productivity.  Optimize your manual, automatic, or semi-automatic applications.  Powerful process control for Zone 1/21 and Division 1 classified areas.

• Achieve Error-Free Operation
The high-resolution graphic display reduces operator fatigue and human error to help you to achieve consistent quality in manual applications.

• Maximize Control and Minimize Cost
Accurate, repeatable, and traceable processes, thanks to the built-in application controls, help you to reduce material waste and rework.

• Enable Full Connectivity
Flexible communication options give you ultimate flexibility. Connect the IND500x to your PLC or DCS easily with the ACM500.

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