The ML-T Precision Balance gives you the room you need to carry out your daily tasks efficiently.

ML-T Precision BalanceDescription:

Whether you work in a busy laboratory, or out on the factory floor, space is always at a premium.  With the smallest-in-class footprint and larger-than-average weighing pan, ML balances give you the room you need to carry out your daily tasks efficiently.  ML-T Precision Balances come with capacities up to 6.2 kg and readability down to 1 mg.


The renowned MonoBlock weighing cell, with FACT automatic internal adjustment, delivers consistently reliable results.  Built-in overload protection ensures a long balance lifetime.


The compact design makes the most of your work space, giving you the extra space you need to have all your equipment and samples conveniently nearby.


The large 4.5″ color TFT touchscreen with clear icons and intuitive guidance enables users to operate quickly even while wearing cloth or rubber gloves.  Multilingual text and graphics walk you through every step of weighing procedures.


The weighing-in guide, at the top of the display, helps the operator dose to target.  The green screen indicates, at a glance, that the weighing result lies within the process tolerances.