This robust balance incorporates advanced security features so that you know you can trust your results.

MS-TS Analytical Balance


MS-TS balances offer capacity up to 320 g and readability down to 0.1 mg


The built-in LevelControl function issues a warning when the balance is not level and provides onscreen guidance to help you level the balance correctly within seconds.


The weight value remains red until the net sample is above the pre-programmed minimum value.  A user-defined minimum weight can also be programmed into the balance to provide an additional safety factor.


Create a passcode to restrict modification of balance settings to authorized personnel only – Functions that affect metrological performance are protected against accidental alteration.


Remove, clean and replace all of the QuickLock draft shield glass panels in just a few simple steps, without tools and without moving the balance.  The housing has smooth surfaces and rounded edges for easy cleaning.