HS153 Moisture AnalyzerThe HS153 Halogen Moisture Analyzer is equipped with a high-performance weighing cell separated from the heating source for best moisture results.

Process Control and Optimized Productivity

Define multiple users with individual access rights to adhere to SOP’s and regulations.  Customizable control and warning limits for each method, allowing instant pass/fail decisions to be made by the user.

Integrated Method Development Support

The integrated Method Wizard helps you to develop robust methods delivering reliable moisture results with minimum effort.

Versatile Data Transfer and Printing

For reporting, simply transfer data to a USB flash drive or a file service through various interfaces.  Print results on a strip printer or any printer in the network.  Customizable reports and formats available.

Innovative Design for Easy Cleaning

The hanging weighing pan, and flat stainless-steel surface underneath, allow fast and easy cleaning without the risk of dirt falling into the weighing cell.


• Safety and process control
• Precise halogen heating
• High-performance load cell
• Built-in quality assurance
• ID management
• Results prediction (optional)