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HX204 Moisture Analyzer

The HX204 Halogen Moisture Analyzer is equipped with a high-performance weighing cell separated from the heating source for best moisture results.

Accurate Results for All Sample Types

Get highly reliable and repeatable moisture results thanks to fast halogen heating and superior weighing performance with 0.001% moisture content readability.

Increased Safety and Process Control

Define multiple users with individual access rights.  Zero results and auto lock-out option increase efficiency while adhering to SOPs and regulations.

Built-In Testing Methods Ensure Performance

Integrated routine testing features ensure the instrument is always performing optimally.  FACT, SmartCal and tests for the heating and weighing unit of the point of use.

Reduced Measurement Time with Results Prediction

The embedded QuickPredict™ function allows you to predict the final result of moisture measurements in a fraction of the usual measurement time.  This allows quicker decision making and speeding up of further analysis/process steps.


What do you get with the HX204?

Integrated method development support
Quick and easy cleaning
Network connectivity
Level control
Simple system integration and automation
Tailor-made reporting
ID management
Control limits