Powercell PDX with Receivers Image[/caption]POWERCELL® PDX™ load cells provide reliable weighing for heavy-capacity applications such as truck and rail scales.


The PDX Load Cell uses proven POWERCELL technology that has demonstrated the ability to meet the real-world demands of vehicle weighing.  The POWERCELL PDX load cell system is designed for proactive service, alerting you to potential problems before they occur.  Enables service technicians to make the right repairs the first time and make them quickly. 


POWERCELL PDX Load Cells connect to one another in a simple network that eliminates the need for high maintenance junction boxes.  Load cells, cables, and connectors are watertight, sealing the entire network against failures caused by floods and normal scale cleaning.


Predictive diagnostics system constantly monitors the performance of each load cell and automatically corrects for changes in temperature and other environmental factors.  


The PDX load cell also features a rocker-column suspension, that automatically aligns the load cell, for accurate weighing.  A debris shield keeps the lower end, of the rocker column, free of debris and stones that can affect weighing accuracy.