Mettler Toledo ADI Scoreboard FamilyThe ADI scoreboard is a highly visible weight display for use with vehicle scales, floor scales and other industrial weighing applications.

The ADI scoreboard allows the weight to be seen by truck drivers, and other personnel, who are not near the scale indicator.  Weights displayed by the three sizes of scoreboards are easy to read at distances up to 75, 150, and 250 feet. The scoreboard’s LED display can display up to six characters, plus designators for weight units and gross/net weighing. The scoreboard is compatible with METTLER TOLEDO digital indicators that use serial data output, as well as many other indicators.



Rugged Design
– Durable enclosure made of a powder-coated aluminum alloy.

Field Repairable
– Easy access to internal components so that it can be repaired in the field.

Optional Traffic Lights
– Light switches from red to green, making it easy to use the scoreboard to regulate the movement of traffic over a scale.

Wireless Option
– The unit’s transceiver sends a reliable wireless signal to a scoreboard up to one half mile away.