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Heavy vehicle and truck weigh scale repair

Heavy Capacity Scale Repair Service

4 Test Trucks on road
Truck Scale Repair/Calibration
Railroad Scale Repair/Calibration
Coils Scales/Crane Scales
5000-25,000 lbs tests


Antibus Scales & Systems' Truck Scale Test Unit is a rolling, heavy capacity scale service department, efficiently performing emergency repairs, regular inspections, and new scale installations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


• Specially designed rig carrying 25,000 pounds of state certified test weights

• Printed circuit boards

• Replacement parts

• Hydraulic jacks

• Portable welder

• Other servicing equipment to cope with any type of scale breakdown

• External hydraulic lifters to raise the steering axle for section testing with a concentrated load of approximately 60,000 pounds


• Unit is manned by a factory-trained Antibus Heavy Capacity Service Specialist with extensive experience

• Trained to spot potential areas of failure, diagnose problems, perform repairs, and calibrate scales to specific tolerances set forth by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) regulations

• Works closely with local and state Weights and Measures officials when required


• Fast response is critical when truck scales go down, malfunction, or weight disputes occur with customer or state agencies. Upon receipt of your call, our radio-dispatched Test Unit is on the way with swift response


• Four units on the road allowing us to cover our market not only with exceptional response but also with the best value in total service

The Antibus Service Commitment protects your truck scale investment and is at work day-in and day-out to keep equipment downtime to a minimum.