Bamar Plastics, Inc.

This letter is written to express our sincere appreciation for the service and support Antibus Scales & Systems has provided Bamar Plastics throughout our more than 20 year business relationship.

In addition to scale calibration sales and services, Antibus has supported our needs for bar code printing and scanning.

A recent example ofthe impressive and responsive support we have received occurred in late October, 2016. Our 17 year old Zebra 105Se bar code printer failed. As a supplier to the automotive industry, Customer demands for on time delivery leave little room for error. Without proper bar code labeling, we were unable to ship product.

A call was placed to Antibus, explaining the urgent nature of our dilemma. Within a couple of hours, Nick from the South Bend office arrived on site and assessed the situation. Due to the age of the printer, parts were not readily available. He drove back to his shop and returned with a similar part, which led to the diagnosis that the main board had failed. A loaner printer was delivered and set up by Duane of the South Bend office. This enabled us to print enough labels to complete the day’s shipments. During these events, Sales Specialist Phil Hernandez reached out to offer his support despite being on vacation in Florida at the time.

With Phil’s assistance, a new Zebra 105SL printer was specified and ordered with express shipping requested. To assure the quickest possible return of our bar code printing capabilities, Phil ordered the printer held at the South Bend airport for his pick up. He then drove from Fort Wayne to pick up the printer, brought it to Bamar Plastics and performed the installation in short order.

Such outstanding, responsive support is refreshing and all too uncommon in business today. We therefore felt it warranted acknowledgement and a hearty THANK YOU!


Jim McVay
Vice President/General Manager