Datalogic HeronHD3100

Datalogic Heron HD3100

Heron HD3130, USB Kit, 1D Linear Imager. Inlcudes USB cable and stand. Color: Black 

Datalogic PBT9500

Datalogic PBT9500

PowerScan D8330, USB Kit. Includes everything you need: PowerScan PD8330 autoranging scan engine, Scanner, straight USB cable and Hands free stand. (No display on scanner.)

Datalogic PD8300 Barcode Scanner

Datalogic PD8300

PowerScan PBT9500, USB Kit. 2D Imager, Removable Battery. Includes USB kit cable.

Honeywell Granite Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Granite

Granit 1911i, USB Kit, Cordless, 2D Imager, ER Focus. Includes Communication/Charging base and USB cable.

Zebra Ll4278 Barcode Scanner

Zebra Ll4278

LI4278, USB Kit, Linear Imager, Cordless. Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable. Color: Black. For faster charging purchase power supply (PWRS-14000-253R)