VFS120 Forklift ScaleThe VFS120 forklift scale sets the standard for reliability, safety and accuracy in heavy-use applications.


Whether your business is freight logistics, shipping or warehousing, weighing can be an extra step that slows down your process.  The VFS120 forklift scale is a cost-effective solution to speeding up pallet weighing.

• Accuracy Over Time
» Retains its calibration for 12 months
• Rugged and Reliable
» Keep working when other scales break down.
» Increases productivity while reducing maintenance and downtime for low cost of ownership
• Designed for Safety
» The center of the carriage is open, providing access to a high visibility window.
» Easy to see loads, position forks for lifting and avoid accidents.
• Low Cost of Ownership
» Load cells and electronics are protected from damage that other scales are